Monday, March 31, 2014

Hair Rx of the Month: Inphenom by Milbon

Healthy hair is soft and bouncy because it contains moisture. Moisture is stored in the CMC (Cell Membrane Cortex) which is found in the cuticle of the hair. The CMC is basically the metaphysical "glue" that binds the hair cuticle together. This "glue" is weakened by the chemicals we put in our hair such as permanent dyes and lighteners, and our heat styling tools, hence causing dry, damaged hair.

The most common complaint I hear from clients is being bombarded with products when they are at the salon. We're not trying to sell you products for our own health, think of us as your hair doctors. If we see that your hair is suffering, we need to prescribe you with the right products necessary to get your hair back in tip top shape.  On that note, here is my product prescription to you:

Inphenom Shampoo, Inphenom Treatment Mask, Inphenom Leave-In Mist

Inphenom Shampoo: Supplies CMC into the hair. Lathers gently to prevent friction. You will get the most lather during the second wash.

Inphenom Treatment Mask: 3 minute mask treatment that locks in CMC (moisture) delivered by the shampoo, smoothing the hair surface and leaving a soft and shiny feel.

Inphenom Mist: Designed for everyday use, this product resupplies moisture intpo the hair while you blow style your hair. It acts as your daily leave in conditioner/heat protector. Its main ingredients are nano-micro CMC and a CMC Amino mix (made up of 11 kinds of amino acids) that penetrates into the moisture layer of the hair to hydrate the hair.

Personally, I am one who highlights my hair often and as a result my hair tends to get really dry and I get a lot of breakage. Ever since I started using these products my hair is always so soft and I haven't seen any breakage or hair on the brush when I brush through it! The best of all is that the leave in mist has truly become my only styling product. My hair looks and feels so healthy that just a few spritzes of the mist leaves a nice tousled look. I no longer need my flat iron to make my hair look nice!

Find these products on Amazon or at the Hiro Haraguchi Salon in New York City.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Balayage Hype: Explained!

My client Iris (above) before and after a full head of balayage highlights.

The balayage trend has been taking over the red carpet as well as the streets of New York. What is this trend, you ask? This alternative to the traditional cap and foil highlighting technique we have come to know so well had its humble beginnings in France during the 1970s. The technique was first used in a way to add subtle highlights to the hair so as to make it seem the sun naturally created it, however it has evolved into a modernized way to achieve some of the most popular trends in hair color today such as Ombre. However, balayage is not to be confused with it being a look. For example, Ombre is not balayage. Balayage is just a technique used to achieve the ombre look.

This European technique is that of which color/lightener is painted on to the hair in a light sweeping motion starting lightly from the base of the hair and heavily toward the ends. The idea is to create a lighter, more concentrated look at the ends and a deeper look at the root. The depth at the root is often achieved by painting in a deeper gloss. The overall outcome is a more concealed root with dimensional, natural and moving highlights heavily concentrated on the ends of the hair.

It is often argued by colorists that balayage is actually more damaging to the hair and can also leave unwanted brassy tones as a result in contrary to the conventional foiling methods. However this isn't true. As long as your hair is in a suitable condition to be colored and the service is performed correctly by a well trained professional, you can still achieve the look you desire while keeping your hair in the best shape regardless of the technique you use.

I've come to really enjoy using this method on my clients as it allows me much flexibility in personalizing every client's look making it impossible to be reached by anyone else. ;) I love that it really crosses the boundaries of traditional techniques of color that we are forced to learn in beauty school. I am tired of seeing your generic blonde with foiled highlights and lowlights. Something that really catches my eye is one who makes you question whether she's ever even colored her hair!

Reynald Ricard (above) demonstrates the Balayage technique at the Red Market Salon in New York City.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Being "Good" is Never Just Enough.

I think the most important part about being a hairdresser is not only the skill, but your willingness to learn and be influenced by those around you. It is important to realize that you can learn SOMETHING from anyone. More importantly in the hair business because there is a correct way of doing everything; for example, there is a method behind cutting hair; there are laws to follow when mixing color. You have to learn the rules before you can break them. I may be going off on a tangent, let me get to my point. When many of us master a certain skill, we may get a little full of ourselves. We feel like we've gotten all the rules down so we turn the other cheek when someone tries to feed us some new information...

Are you really a master then? Just because you know all the rules and you feel confident enough to break them, you feel like your schooling is over. For me the true genius-- the true master-- is the guy that humbly practices his talent and continues to absorb pieces from everyone around him. There's always a new method to learn, a new rule to break. Take a piece from everyone you meet. That guy who messes up everyone's haircuts? Learn to NOT do that. Don't strive to be better than anyone necessarily, strive to grow, to advance. I will never stop learning. Amazing opportunities will come my way and people will see it and think "Damn, she's good," but being "good" will never be enough for me. I will always want to be better. It'll never end.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Available to BOOK ONLINE!

Please take advantage of the "book online" option. I am featured on This website makes it super convenient not only for me but for my clients (you guys!) to see what services I offer, what my rates are, photos of my work etc. Most of these are frequently asked questions which is made readily available to you at the click of a mouse.

Book online, pay online, reserve online, and also have the chance to submit reviews. Unfortunately, I can't fit everyone's comments on the "Client reviews" link above. <3 p="">

Sunday, February 17, 2013

NYC Fashion Week 2013: The Best Experience Ever!

This week has been pretty crazy, but I survived! From styling twenty models in less than two hours, to having  cheap elastic bands that kept snapping, this week has really challenged me as a hairdresser. I was at first hesitant to participate because I really didn't feel that I was good enough. But I went and kicked ass! I met some amazing people, and even scored some free equipment from Andis who sponsored us. This has truly been a memorable experience, and I definitely look forward to future fashion weeks :)

Check out some highlights of my experience in my photo gallery above!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Hair Color Trend for 2013!

In 2012, Ombre and dip dyed ends dominated the scene for trendiest hair colors and still gained the spotlight now in 2013. But the traditional California washed up blonde Ombre is challenged by a new competitor, known as the "Reverse Ombre" with lightened roots progressing to a darker shade at the ends. Daring? Very. Bold? Extremely. With Fashion Week right around the corner, don't let the models be the only one with the spotlight.

Book a Reverse Ombre appointment with me and receive a free haircut! Offer ends on February 5th! <3 nbsp="">

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Now accepting credit/debit cards at my home salon*! No need to scramble to find an ATM anymore!

*Will charge 4.5% tax*

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Hairy Tale...:)

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Brittany. Brittany had ORANGE hair unevenly cut straight around, resting uncomfortably on her shoulders. Her hair begged for a decent cut, and a color that complimented her coffee colored skin tone and chest nut brown eyes. She longed for one day a fabulous hairdresser might come and save her. One day when wandering about, she met Amanda, and with the snip of a scissor, and the splat of some color, Amanda made her dreams come true...
And she and her hair lived happily ever after...<3                             

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Accepting Reality

Don't we all wish to have facial features that are so perfect that hair would just be an extra thing to have, that we don't really need? That we could just buzz cut all of our hair and still look amazing? Unfortunately, we can't all be Amber Rose. However, not all of us can accept this. I know the feeling of seeing an absolutely beautiful hair style on someone that looks great on them (i.e., Amber Rose) and having to accept that it just won't work with my face. Again, not many people can come to this realization. They get the hair style because it looks amazing on the person they saw it on, so they think that it will look just as amazing on them. I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news, but to those of you with huge noses and the Amber Rose baldy, IT DOESN'T WORK. You don't look like Amber Rose. In fact some of you look like Cancer patients. I'm going to give you guys a crash course behind beautiful styles that work harmoniously with all of your lovely God-given features. 

So anyone that knows me has noticed that I have a huge nose. I have an annoying bump on the bridge of my nose that protrudes out my face and makes me feel like one day I may be able to comfortably fit quarters up my nostrils. I hate it. But that's what I have so I need to work with it. Instead, I need to accentuate my strong features by applying make-up and styling my hair in very specific ways. Now that we've established that I have this large shnozz, I now know what kinds of hairstyles just won't work for my face. People with large noses like mine, should stay away from pixie crops or blunt bob cuts. They should also stay away from straight, vague styles because they emphasize defined lines and proportions. And what else? It will accentuate your large nose. Instead of paying attention to your super sleek, super straight, shiny, smooth hair, the first thing everyone will notice is you nose. I avoid wearing slick backs like the one pictured on the right because of this.

Slick backs are out anyways. Some styles that work with our over sized facial features are curls, as pictured on the left. Adding curls or waves are a great way to counter balance strong features. By creating texture and adding more height to the crown area, I'm taking the attention away from my nose and more on the better parts of my face. My strongest features are my eyes. They are nice mix of hazel green and reddish brown in the center. I also have a very seductive, cat eye shape that works well with liquid eyeliner, and gives me the perfect opportunity to add bangs. I chose to add layered side bangs to show off my eyes and  brows, and part of my forehead which is another of my stronger facial features. They basically bring out my best features. So much that sometimes people lie to me and say that my nose is actually quite small! Some more suggestions would be some feathery layers which give the hair lots of movement and draw more attention to the eyes and the lips.

Need a change of style for the holidays? Got a big nose that needs hiding? Text or E-mail me for a FREE consultation!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hair Style of the Day: Bouncy, UN-Uniform Curls

Not a hairstylist? Who says you need to be a hairstylist to have nice curls? This takes just 15 minutes! (I promise) and the perfect do for those of you who want a bouncy, natural looking curly hair style, that doesn't follow a uniform pattern and that you could wear WHENEVER, but don't want to sit in a salon forever or spend hours curling tiny pieces of hair for them to only have fallen out by the time you curl your entire head. (run-on sentence) This style holds, and is very quick to do.

Once your hair is detangled, starting from the back, take your 1" - 1 1/2" inch curling iron (feel free to use bigger if you want a looser curl), grab enough hair to wrap comfortably around the iron. Don't grab too much. Now, literally wrap the piece of hair around the iron, as you would wrap your hair around your finger. Leave for about 5-6 seconds and unravel, and you have your curl. Do this for the rest of your hair. As you work your way up, grab a little bit more hair. For a more curly on the bottom look, once you get to the uppermost layer of your head, wrap only the bottom ends of the hair and grab more hair. This will lead to a much looser curl, but a looser top layer is a nice transition to a much curlier bottom layer. After you've curled your entire head. Use your fingers to comb through the curls, ruffle/scrunch them up a bit for a "bigger" look. Finish off the look with Design Essentials Extra Hold Finishing Spray, and you're ready to go! <3

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Quick Intro

Quality work will come from those who love what they do. Unfortunately, some people just come into the industry for the money, and they're lacking the passion. In my opinion, passion and talent go hand and hand. You become good at something when you love doing it. You  wake up everyday ready and prepared to go to work because you love your job. So you do well, and you get along well with everyone. Your clients are happy because you're a fabulous stylist who gives hair the TLC it deserves.